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J-rock/VK .mp4s for the iPod and Zune~

Hello and welcome to jrock_vk_ipod~!

This community was created for sharing and requesting .mp4 format videos. We allow J-rock and visual kei videos only. This means no J-pop/K-pop/C-pop/K-rock, etc. Please find some where else to request them! (See our list of affiliates, too!)

[TAGS] You must tag all of your posts with the appropriate band name in romaji and make sure it's spelled correctly. You can find a list here.
    ◦ If the band has a comma in their name, please leave it out. (i.e. kagrra,, and mix speaker's, inc.) It creates an unnecessary "split tag."
    ◦ It's okay to use abbreviations of band names in the case of really long ones, i.e. Instead of typing out "akihabara shounendan dennou romeo" tag it with d-romeo.

[COMMENTS] Comment if you take something~ It encourages uploaders to upload more and keeps everyone happy! 8D

[REQUESTS] As of 26 August 2009 requests are allowed again, but please post them here.

[ORIGINALS] Do not ask for .mp3s or the original video (avi, mpg, mpeg, wmv, etc.) There are plenty of other communities for that.

[REUPLOADS] If a link is broken, feel free to leave a comment and tell the uploader. (Unless they state otherwise—in which case, leave a comment here to tell a moderator and it will be deleted.)

[PREVIEWS] Previews of the video are completely optional. You can take a screen cap from the video itself or post a image of the band. The preview should be a small image.

[POSTING] Please use the following format:

If you can provide additional information such as quality and resolution, feel free to do so! :]

[TROLLING] Trolling is a no-no. (Make love, not war, gaiz.) This includes but isn't limited to posting excessively rude comments aimed at the bands, the uploads, and/or members of this community.

Your moderators are doiha_lolita, radicalsick, and yamisama.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or anything of the like, please feel free to contact doiha_lolita or radicalsick directly. yamisama is currently "inactive."


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If you would like to affiliate go here.
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